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Learn to Surf Weekend

18th – 19th May, 2019

Have you ever wanted to learn what is needed to become a surfer? This weekend course is perfect for adults at the beginning of their surf journey.

Course Details


Know how to choose the right board/s

Know how to interpret surf forecasts i.e. where to go based on the forecast /tide /swell

Understand how tides work and how a surfer uses this to their advantage

Know the hazards

Experience using a variety of surfboards

Know the key surfing manoeuvres

Know and apply surf etiquette

Knowledge of the beach and marine environment

Take home a training plan for improvement

Take home Photo’s and video of you surfing.

How many people will be on the course?

6 maximum

Who is it for?

Adults only 16+ learning to be surfers

Parents of young surfers wishing to learn what is needed to help develop their skills

Previous experience?

None required -even if you have done multiple beginner lessons this course will still be for you.


Camping – Newgale/ brandy brook/ Gupton / whitesands / celtic camping

Bunkhouse – st davids bunk barns / celtic camping / Broadhaven YHA

Lodge – Newgale lodge/ B+B’s Broadhaven/ Victoria Inn B+B


Not provided



How to Book

Contact Phil Sadler on 07881 937 605 or email